About HuskyCT (Husky Course Tools)

"The Blackboard Learning System™ - Vista Enterprise License"
The e-learning system currently in use at UConn is "The Blackboard Learning System™ - Vista Enterprise License," more commonly referred to as HuskyCT.

HuskyCT is considered the “academic enterprise” version of Blackboard as it integrates with administrative systems such as SAS (PeopleSoft) and also provides the ability to make learning and resource materials available that can be shared across schools and by the university as a whole.

Java issue resolved

The patch released by Blackboard to resolve the security warning issues experienced by HuskyCT users who had Java 6 update 19 or update 20 was installed early Saturday morning. As a result, the warning message should no longer appear for users of these Java versions when in HuskyCT. Occasionally, Java 6 update 19 users will still see a warning when loading the HTML creator. Once the Java cache is cleared, however, this does not occur again. Instructions for clearing Java cache can be found at http://www.java.com/en/download/help/plugin_cache.xml


Students seeking assistance with HuskyCT should call the LRC at (860) 486-1187, IM us or write us a ticket. Frequently we can resolve basic problems over the phone, but we also encourage students to schedule appointments for more extensive assistance

HuskyCT tutorials:

1. Assessment-- see this 3 minute tutorial for your best HuskyCT assessment experience.

2. Java-- see this 5 1/2 minute tutorial on how to install Java 1.5_07 to a Windows computer.

3. Assignments -- see this 6 1/2 minute tutorial on submitting an assignment.