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COMMunity, Parents, Administrators, Children, and Teachers

The CommPACT Schools model is the first-of-its-kind school reform program developed to address the achievement gap issues in Connecticut's public schools and to create the kind of vibrant learning environment we wish for all of our children.

For the first time, the primary stakeholders involved in public education worked as a collaborative team to develop the model. The alliance for CommPACT Schools is comprised of the American Federation of Teachers-Connecticut, the Connecticut Education Association, the Connecticut Association of Public School Superintendents, the Connecticut Association of Urban Superintendents, and the Connecticut Federation of School Administrators, in addition to UConn's Neag School of Education which serves as the hub for the effort.

The name CommPACT symbolizes the commitment required by the partners within each school including community members, parents, administrators, children, and teachers. This collective effort marks a radical shift from the top-down operations common to most school systems. Though still accountable to its local district, CommPACT Schools have autonomy to make changes.