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Accelerated School Leaders™

Effective leadership is often the transforming element in school improvement. Today's schools need leaders - and leadership teams - that can establish a vision for the school, implement new strategies for teaching and learning, mange school operations, and get results. Accelerated School Leaders™ is designed to build effective leadership across school staffs through an exemplary training process that emphasizes "facilitated leaders."

Accelerated Schools plus

Founded in 1986 as a pilot program in two schools, Accelerated Schools plusT is one of the most successful school improvement models in the nation. The goal of Accelerated Schools plus is to create powerful learning opportunities for all students. By building on the strengths of each student, each Accelerated school uses the best of what we know about instruction to accelerate learning. Over the past two decades, Accelerated Schools plus has partnered with more than 1,800 public schools in 42 states. Currently, there are 162 Accelerated Learning Academies™ (K-8), Accelerated High Schools™, and charter schools. Accelerated School Leaders™ is based on the organization's two decades of experience in training educators at the school level.

Accelerated School Leaders

Accelerated School Leaders™ are training programs designed to help principals, classroom coaches, and district personnel become facilitative leaders who can improve schools. Training is delivered at weeklong leadership academies. Key topics include:

. Accelerated's philosophy of "powerful learning"
. Visioning
. Strategic planning
. Facilitative leadership training
. Governance
. Use of data
. Evaluation and assessment
. Data management

Results and Accomplishments

Accelerated Schools plus and its approach to school leadership have been extensively studied and evaluated. Research and evaluations have shown that the Accelerated model leads to increases in student achievement and school improvement. An extensive summary of results can be found at the research link on this web site.

Additional Accelerated Capacities

Accelerated Schools plus develops and implements school improvement partnerships nationwide in the form of Accelerated Learning Academies™ (K-8) and Accelerated High Schools™. Accelerated schools plus is also one of the nation's pre-eminent providers of turn-around solutions and charter school management services.

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