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“ Adults and children of this school community continue to increase our voice in learning groups, decision-making bodies, in classroom, as well as school-wide and community initiatives. Students talk with each other about learning endeavors, teachers creatively collaborate with each other, with parents and with community agents. Parents work with teachers in a variety of ways at home and in school to support student achievement, community volunteers and social service agencies work with the school to strengthen families, and children and adults take ownership for their words and actions in a responsible manner.”
One of the AS plus National Demo Site Schools

National Demonstration Sites

The Demonstration Site competition was created to recognize Accelerated Schools that have reached the status of full implementation. Schools must be nominated by their service providers and must meet the following minimum requirements:

1. The school is currently actively affiliated with an approved AS plus
    provider center.

2. The school has been evaluated by the local AS plus service
    provider as being fully implemented and this finding is documented
    on the most current TRACES report.

3.The school's standardized test results, documented over a 
    minimum of three years, indicate a trend of overall growth in
    student achievement.

4.The school is fully supported in this endeavor by its school district
    and building principal.

We recognize the importance of identifying and awarding schools that have been successful in fully implementing the AS plus model, and have proven to have a direct positive impact on student achievement. The Demonstration Site Award is designed to do just that.

2006-07 and 2007-08 Accelerated Schools plus National Demonstration Sites

School Name







Phone #

Ben Martin Accelerated Learning Academy

Fayetteville , NC

Crystal Brown

Barbara Melvin

(910) 864-4843

West Smithfield Elementary

Smithfield, NC

Chad Jewett

Anne Koebley

(919) 989-6418

Affiliated Alternatives
Madison, WI
Anne Fischer
Erik Shager
(608) 663-1634

Sheppard Accelerated Elementary School &

Roseland Accelerated Middle School


Santa Rosa, CA


Jenny Young

Kirstin Valstad

Lesley Brooks


(707) 546-7050


Academy of Accelerated Learning

Milwaukee, WI

Susan Miller


(414) 604-7310

Lake Rim Elementary School

Fayetteville, NC

Renee' Jackson

Nikkia Hayden

(910) 867-1133

Madison Accelerated Middle School
Madison, IL
Rob Miller
Ericka Goddard
(618) 877-1712

Marstons Mills East Horace Mann Charter Public School

Marstons Mills, MA

Kenneth Keenan

Beth-Anne Allen

(508) 428-2090

Affiliated Alternatives:

What is an Accelerated School?
Written by an Affiliated High School Student

An Accelerated school is
A community of students, teachers, and parents
Making plans and decision together
And sharing responsibility for accomplishing the plans.

The three principles of Accelerated Schools are…
Sharing a dream and common goals
Giving power to everyone and sharing the responsibility
Building on strengths

Powerful Learning is…
Sharing the best parts of education with all students,
Not just the smartest.

The Inquiry Process is
An orderly approach to look at a school
To think about the kind of school everyone wants
By setting goals for change.

Ben Martin Accelerated Learning Academy:

What is an Accelerated School?
Student Responses

  “At an Accelerated School there are a lot of choices about things to do.”
•  “We try different things.”
•  “Ben Martin uses your strengths to work on your weaknesses.”
•  “Ben Martin is a place where everybody treats everyone how they want to be treated.”
•  “A school where everybody works together to help each other.”
•  “We can sit at a table and talk and brainstorm with our friends.”
•  “I think an Accelerated School is where you don't just walk in and just sit down and do a worksheet. It is where you have fun learning. Like making gingerbread houses in math class to deal with measurement.”
•  “At an Accelerated School, teachers come in and have fun things that they plan to do. They don't come in with just worksheets and sit at their desks, they teach! I personally think that an Accelerated School puts more kick into the spirit of learning.”

Sheppard Accelerated Elementary School:

What is an Accelerated School?
Student Responses - 7th Grade

• “Students run the school. Teachers help students reach their goals.”
• “Teachers push students to do their absolute best.”
• “When elementary and middle schools work together"
• “Teachers know students' needs and help them do better.”
• “We have higher expectations and are expected to do better than other schools.”
• “Teachers know that students are good at doing something and they help them improve on that.”
• “Teachers care about their students. They know all of their names.”
• “When teachers appreciate students hard work and they continue to inspire them to do their best.”

West Smithfield Elementary:

What is an Accelerated School?
Written by a Fourth Grade Student

“I think that Accelerated Schools are better than ordinary schools because we get to learn things in a fun way. Our schools three principles are: Building on Strengths, Unity of Purpose and Empowerment with Responsibility. Aptitude + Attitude + Altitude is our school saying. It means that when (you) use one of your best things you put a lot of effort in it, and you can bring up your scores to a higher level. We have a lot of other stuff at our school, than other schools, like electives, performance, concerts, sock hops and S.G.A.'s. We also have Biomes. Our class is going to be working on different cultures. Every day, our class is helping the younger students in kindergarten, 1st grade and pre-school pre-K. We help the preschoolers, by helping them to carry their trays. We help kindergarten and first grade by, when they read a book we put a sticker by the name of the book if they did a great job. I am proud of my school and I hope we can improve other schools.

Our students at West Smithfield Accelerated School believe they can achieve. The level of poverty that they experience is not a barrier to the goals they set. When our students come to us each day, we have the opportunity to bring hope; we are the catalyst to provide a safe haven for learning, we are the ones to instill the knowledge for their future. We are a family. AS plus has allowed us to work together across grade levels to set common goals and work as one to achieve those goals. The thematic units have provided powerful learning for the students and have established a unit from K all the way up to fifth grade.

A quote from the movie Sea Biscuit - - We are not in the business to throw lives away, just because they have been beaten up a bit."

School and Classroom Footage

Below are examples of an AS plus Kindergarten classroom and Affiliated Alternatives.


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