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Economic Impact

The University of Connecticut contributes every day to Connecticut's economic vitality and to the quality of life of state residents through research, teaching, public service, and a broad range of programs and initiatives.

UConnomy: Contributing to the Economic Health of Connecticut illustrates UConn's direct and indirect impact on the economic, social, and cultural landscape of Connecticut. Incorporating quantitative data culled from a comprehensive economic impact study recently conducted by the Department of Economic and Community Development, this report demonstrates the University's role in sustaining the state economy as it shapes a bright future for the citizens of Connecticut.

  • More than 29,000 jobs are generated in the state by the University, including the UConn Health Center.
  • Ongoing operations at UConn, including the UConn Health Center, add $2.3 billion to Connecticut's gross domestic product on average each year.
  • UConn, including the UConn Health Center, receives total state support of $456 million. As a result of this state support, the University attracts an additional $713.5 million to the Connecticut economy.
  • As a result of UConn and the UConn Health Center's combined operations, Connecticut's state coffers realize a net financial gain of more than $76 million annually.
  • Every state dollar allocated to UConn, including the UConn Health Center, results in a $5.05 increase in Connecticut's gross domestic product -- a 505% return on investment.
  • Connecticut's businesses experience $3.2 billion in new sales as a result of ongoing operations at UConn, including the UConn Health Center.
  • 7 out of 10 UConn graduates remain in Connecticut, contributing to the state's knowledge-based workforce and economy.
  • In 2008, UConn received nearly $200 million in sponsored research grants and awards.
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