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Emergency: Dial 911

Routine Calls: (860) 486 - 4925

A Stamford Police Officer stand in front of a police car.

Message From The Chief

Welcome to the UConn Fire Department’s Web site! It is my pleasure to represent all of the outstanding men and women who proudly serve the University of Connecticut in the UConn Fire Department. We constantly strive to maintain our services to ensure a high quality of life by providing a safe community for all of our students, staff, employees and visitors.

Within this outstanding University, the fire department is a key member in providing community safety. We accept and embrace this challenge with vigor and commitment. As the world evolves and our University grows and matures, our mission has also evolved to one that is not simply confined to “traditional” fire services. Therefore, our mission statement reflects a commensurate need for our fire department to think and operate in a more encompassing manner:

It is a privilege to lead a progressive, customer-driven fire department that constantly works hard to meet the fire and rescue needs of its community. We do this through the dedicated efforts of 32 uniformed personnel, Administration, Fire Prevention, and Operations. Operationally, the UConn Fire Department responds to emergencies from 1 centrally located fire station at 126 North Eagleville Road.

In 2007, the fire department responded to 3000 emergency calls. Another vital activity within our mission is to prevent fires and accidents from occurring. This is accomplished through strong, proactive fire prevention efforts and public education programs. These programs included, health and safety fairs, CPR classes, Scouting presentations, fire station tours which include fire and emergency medical safety tips.

Once again, welcome to our Web site, enjoy, and please contact us if you have any additional questions or have suggestions to improve our services to you.

- Chief John Mancini