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University of Connecticut Faculty & Staff Resource Guide

Welcome to the Faculty & Staff Resource Guide

  • This Resource Guide addresses the need for a single source for policies, procedures, operations, and services of the University of Connecticut, collecting all information helpful to faculty and staff in one place.
  • This information is located in a variety of sources, but not all of them are readily available to the entire community, or they may not be reconciled with each other. 
  • This Resource Guide is not an exhaustive compendium of everything relevant to faculty and staff.  The format of the Guide is that of an extensive outline, with hyperlinks to relevant websites and documents. 
  • Purpose/Goals

  • This guide has two basic purposes:
    1. to assist the university community by providing a user-friendly, effective and transparent method for communicating the content of university policies and procedures; and
    2. to facilitate “risk management.” 
  • The desirability of the first goal is self-evident: faculty and staff morale and efficiency increase when it is easy to ascertain what relevant policies and procedures are, and what offices to contact with questions. 
  • The latter goal of “risk management” focuses on the adverse consequences that can result when mistakes are made due to lack of knowledge of relevant policies and procedures.  In today’s world, ignorance is not always bliss.  Indeed, a mistake made by a faculty or staff member who fails to follow appropriate policies and procedures can expose the university (as well as the individual him/herself) to legal liability. 
  • This legal liability, or the allegation of inappropriate behavior, can drain university resources due to the need to deal with the consequences of the allegations, and, if a violation of policy or procedure are found, both the university and the individual involved could be legally liable.
  • Collaborative Effort

  • This Resource Guide was developed through a collaborative effort of a large number of administrators, faculty and staff across campus.   It is a “living” compendium, subject to change as policies and procedures are altered over time, or members of the community suggest additions. 
  • Input is welcome to make this Guide more responsive to all faculty and staff, as well as students and any subset of our university community.
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