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Residential Life plays a vital role in the success of the University of Connecticut and of its students by providing quality facilities, personnel, services, and programs which contribute to the mission of the University. Within the residential learning environment individuals are challenged and supported to develop into productive community members who are prepared to enrich society.

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Student Housing

Information for students living on-campus at UConn.

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Parent & Family Information

Information for parents and family members of students living on-campus.

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Facilities & Services

Details about the residence halls and services.

ResLife Events

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Division of Student Affairs
One Division. Multiple Services. Students First.
New Student Information
  • Items to Bring
  • 2011-2012 New Student Guide to Undergraduate On-Campus Housing
    The Fall 2011 new freshmen application deadline was May 16, 2011. Late applicants are placed on the waiting list and are not guaranteed housing.
  • As of May 5, 2011, housing capacity for transfer students has been reached. Transfer housing applicants who apply on or after May 5, 2011 will be automatically placed on the waiting list and not guaranteed housing.
  • 2011-2012 New Graduate Student Guide to On-Campus Housing
    Graduate housing is limited and is not guaranteed. Priority is given to “new to UConn” students who submit an application and the non-refundable $300 Room Reservation Fee by May 16th. Students applying after all available spaces are assigned will be placed on the waiting list and will not be guaranteed on-campus housing.
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