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Welcome to the Center for Population Research at the University of Connecticut. The Center for Population Research is a community of population scholars affiliated to promote population research, teaching, and faculty development at the University of Connecticut. The CPR functions as a research, training, and service facility within the University's College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

Seminar Series

Labor and Population Seminar Series: Fall 2008

September 8th

Nick Jolly (UConn Economics) Earnings of Displaced Workers and the Business Cycle: an Analysis Using Administrative Data

September 22nd

Mark Hayward (University of Texas) Does the Body Forget?

October 6th

Delia Furtado (UConn-Economics) Immigrant Labor, Child-Care Services, and the Work-Fertility Trade-Off in the United States
October 13th

Nick Jolly (UConn Economics) "Job Displacement and Intragenerational Income Mobility."

October 20th

Elizabeth Cascio (Dartmouth Economics) "Financial Incentives and the Desegregation of Southern Public Schools"

November 10th

Tao Chen (UConn Economics)

November 17th

Fabian Lange (Yale Economics)