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NURTEC - New Name, New Mission

The National Undersea Research Center (NURC) at the University of Connecticut has evolved into the Northeast Underwater Research Technology and Education Center (NURTEC). This new name more accurately reflects the three key strategic elements of the Center's mission. The new name also indicates a focus on the broader northeast geographic region, however the new Center is not constrained to working in any defined region. The overarching goal of NURTEC is to maintain and enhance its undersea capacity, built by over two decades of NOAA and UConn investment, to address a wide range of research topics to better understand, sustain and conserve coastal ecosystems.

Part of NURTEC's new mission will be to promote new research and education programs here at the University of Connecticut as well as continue to support and expand existing programs. A primary focus will be Connecticut's coastal ecosystems on Long Island Sound. In addition, the Center will continue to maintain and develop new partnerships on a broader geographic arena to address research and management challenges in the ocean, coasts and Great Lakes down to 1000 meters.


Maritime Heritage Exploration in Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary

Seafloor Habitat Recovery Monitoring Project

West Coast Deep Sea Coral Expedition

Piscivore Ecology at Gray’s Reef National Marine Sanctuary

Kraken2 ROV Deepwater Sea Trials

Exploring Stratford Shoal

NURTEC-NMFS Survey Oyster & Clam Beds