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A primary goal of the Center is to promote research and training in the conservation of biodiversity on the local, national and international scene. Basic scientific research is fostered along with applications to solving sustainable conservation issues. The Center provides financial support for graduate and undergraduate training and research in the fields of conservation, ecology, evolution and systematics. The Center is working with several private foundations and corporations to establish research fellowships for students, to fund an annual research award competition for graduate students, and to provide student travel to conduct research and attend professional meetings.
The Center sponsors a Colloquium in Conservation and Biodiversity that brings distinguished scholars to campus each year. The Edwin Way Teale Nature and Environment Colloquium is highly interdisciplinary in scope inviting economists, geographers, land managers, philosophers, nature writers, sociologists, policymakers, biologists, and, of course, environmental scientists. Lectures are attended by students, faculty, conservation agencies, the public.
In addition to these activities which are focused on strengthening biological research and education at the University of Connecticut, the Center works to promote public support for conservation through its public outreach programs. It coordinates workshops in conservation biology designed to bring the latest research advances to the conservation professionals working in local, state, federal, and private conservation organizations, and it sponsors public lectures designed to acquaint non-scientists with the diversity of life and the extent to which human well-being depends on that diversity.
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