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Global Citizenship

The UConn Academic Plan emphasizes the need " prepare our students for work and personal success as participants in an internationalized economy and an increasingly diverse society."


"The idea behind preparing our students for global citizenship is on one hand to help them prepare for careers in the global marketplace/world and on the other hand to help them become reflective, concerned, contributing members of the global community." [Global Learning Outcomes, Global Citizenship Curriculum Committee, 2009]



Find ways to engage locally, think globally, and make an impact in your local community and in the world.

Add an international dimension to your major with global courses.

Use the Global Citizenship website to help you find internationally oriented majors and minors, study abroad options, and other information and opportunities.


Share your expertise in global and international research.

Help students learn how to become effective global citizens.

Consider adding global learning outcomes to your courses.

Add your courses to the global courses database.

Use the Global Citizenship website to find other information and opportunities for yourself or your students

United Nations Academic Impact Member


Photos used under Creative Commons License 2.0:
Chinese New Year by Ju-x
Clog Factory by andynahman
European Balloon Festival by daxtoor
India Bangles by mckaysavage