Welcome to the Best-of-the-Best Enrichment Materials Database!

Jenna Bachinski
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The Best-of-the-Best Resource Database is a compilation of resources from teacher suggestions, the National Research Center's gifted library, and careful selection of the newest and best materials for high potential students from well-known publishers. Get ready educators- you will love having this valuable tool at your fingertips!

Our goal in building the database was to create a computer-searchable list that contains authentic tools for independent student use, thereby offering our students the best possible enrichment opportunities based on what we call "user validity;" that is, recommendations from people whose judgments we trust. This no-cost database provides you with the time-saving convenience of a complete list of the best resources available for your students to use independently.

The database can be searched using a variety of criteria: by grade level (K-12), Type II skill, subject area, key words such as "computer" or "Shakespeare," OR by specific resource information (title, author, ISBN). The fewer criteria you input, the more resources the database will suggest!

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Happy Searching!

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