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Quarterly Construction Status Report 3/31/2011


Campus Construction Alerts



Architectural Engineering & Building Services will provide proactive, professionally managed leadership to plan and implement quality, cost-effective, long and short term facility solutions that enhance the mission of the University, embrace our partnership with our community, and ensure proper treatment of University land, natural resources and the environment in the process.


Our Values

• Act ethically and legally in compliance with all policies, regulations and laws

• Act with pride, integrity and professionalism

• Follow Architectural and Engineering Services’ policies and procedures and those of the University

• Be responsible and accountable for project performance goals and outcomes

• Insist on safe working conditions for students, staff, contractors and visitors

• Function as an efficient and supportive team leader and ensure collaboration

• Approach project challenges with creativity, respecting the ideas of others

• Balance the diverse needs and wants of the University against available resources

• Make the process satisfying and enjoyable