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The Humphrey Clinic for Individual, Couple and Family Therapy

UConn Suicide Prevention Week Events - October 4-9, 2010

Mission Statement

The primary mission of the Humphrey Clinic (THC) is to provide individual, couple, and family therapy to members of the university and surrounding communities and to serve as a training site for students enrolled in the Marriage and Family Therapy graduate program at UConn. In addition, THC provides opportunities for students and their clients to engage in clinical research.

Our priority commitment is to the care and well being of our clients. As a training and research clinic, consumers of counseling have the advantage of the most up to date knowledge in the field as well as the passion our interns.

Our training mission is equally important. We seek to provide the highest level of professional training available to students entering the field by:

  1. Recruiting a diverse, highly trained, experienced and committed faculty;
  2. Providing students with an opportunity to work with clients from diverse backgrounds and a variety clinical issues;
  3. Tailoring our clinical supervision to our students personalities and unique patterns of relating; and
  4. Utilizing a broad base of historical and contemporary theory and research describing family interaction and couples and family therapy to guide our work.