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The mission of the Center for Research in Mathematics Education (CRME) will be to conduct research on improving the teaching and learning of mathematics at all levels
(K-16), and to implement changes informed by research. The CRME will serve as a teaching, training, and research and development center whose purpose will be to improve mathematics instruction at all levels and the academic performance of all students learning mathematics throughout Connecticut. The center will involve faculty in the Neag School of Education and the Department of Mathematics at the University of Connecticut, and K-12 classroom teachers throughout Connecticut.

The CRME will bring together experts in content and pedagogy and will be committed to improving mathematics education by enhancing the quality of mathematics curriculum, instruction, and assessment. This will be achieved through partnerships with school districts; professional development for school leaders in mathematics; the development of exemplary curriculum materials; the use of emerging technologies as tools to improve instruction; actively seeking grant dollars as a funding source for professional development opportunities; and contributions to the research base on the teaching and learning of mathematics. In addition, the center will provide an opportunity for researchers, teachers, and policy makers to exchange and disseminate information among all persons interested in improving mathematics education at the University of Connecticut and throughout the state of Connecticut.

Specifically, the CRME will support broad-based, systemic reform in mathematics education through the following activities:

  • By developing a comprehensive and cohesive research agenda to conduct research on the teaching and learning of mathematics at the K-16 level
  • By identifying and seeking external funding sources to support ongoing professional development and scholarship initiatives
  • By developing mathematics courses to enhance the content knowledge base of K-12 teacher candidates within the NSOE as well as undergraduate students taking mathematics courses at the University of Connecticut
  • By providing professional development programs, seminars, and workshops for K-16 mathematics faculty and teachers interested in improving classroom instruction, and
  • By developing a website to disseminate information and materials generated through CRME.



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