The CWP provides many publication opportunities for Connecticut student writers.

The CWP is a NCLB and SDE approved CEU provider.

The CWP is an interdisciplinary, K-college professional development organization.

In collaboration with EASTCONN the CWP offers an assortment of PD in technology.

The CWP participates in a State Network that runs joint programs such as Professional Writing Retreats.

Hundreds of teachers have attended CWP Summer Institutes since 1982.

The Connecticut Writing Project at Storrs

The CWP-Storrs, a site of the National Writing Project, was established at the University of Connecticut in 1982. The CWP offers opportunities for professional growth to teachers in all disciplines who recognize the worth of using writing as a means of learning any subject matter. Improving writing skills improves thinking skills and thus leads to higher levels of achievement in all areas. In addition, the CWP offers services to school districts including single professional development sessions, workshops series, on-site literacy coaching, and writer-in-residence programs.

The Write Space: a blog for teachers and writers affiliated with the Connecticut Writing Project

Welcome to the School Governance Council!

I don't know if this will be a good thing or not, but I am now on the School Governance Council of my son's school. Back in March, the new principal sent out a ...
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Two Worlds

Tomorrow I'm conducting a site visit for the Freshman English Early College Experience Program at my high school. The one I graduated from. Catholic school. All boys. 1987.

I tell ...
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Silver Linings and Other Accolades

There's been a mixture of good news and bad news on the budgetary front lately. Governor Malloy has announced cuts that have come down to the university in the form of a rescission this ...
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Chapter by Jason Courtmanche and CWP T-Cs, published in NCTE book, What is College Level Writing?, Fall 2010

Miracle Workers and the Decline of Public Education

UConn Magazine, Fall/ Winter 2010, Vol. 11, No. 3 article by Jason Courtmanche
Feeling Lucky? Book by T-C Dan Blanchard (SI '10), Fall 2010
Feeling Lucky? Radio Interview Podcast WILI 1400 AM radio interview with T-C Dan Blanchard (SI '10), Fall 2010
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