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The Connecticut Institute of Water Resources was established in 1965 by the Federal Water Resources Research Act with two primary objectives. The first is to plan, conduct and arrange for competent research in the field of water resources. The second is to cooperate closely with colleges and universities in Connecticut in order to develop a statewide program designed to resolve state and regional water and related land problems.

USGS 104B Call For Proposals

The Connecticut Institute of Water Resources invites the faculty of all Connecticut colleges and universities to submit proposals for freshwater related research or information transfer on problems of importance to Connecticut and the Northeast Region.  This program is funded by a grant to the Institute from the U.S. Department of Interior, U.S. Geological Survey, as part of the National Water Resources Institute Program.  Final CT IWR awards are contingent upon Congressional approval of FY 2011-1012 funding for the national water institute program.

Revised: August 3, 2010


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