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A Word from the Director of CPIA, Bruce Cohen
            While we have enjoyed a phenomenal amount of athletic success here at the University of Connecticut, we have enjoyed even greater academic success in the classroom.  Over the past decades, there has been a great emphasis to the student portion of the term “student-athlete”.  The university has devoted a great deal of energy and resources to ensuring that you have every opportunity to have a wonderful educational experience. By the collective efforts of the Counseling Program for Intercollegiate Athletes reporting to The Office of The Provost, the Division of Athletics and of course, the students themselves, a culture of intellectualism and pride in educational achievement has evolved.

            As a manifestation and consequence of these efforts, the University of Connecticut has been proud that our students have earned numerous academic awards.  Such prestigious honors as Academic All-Americans, Honda Broderick Award Winners, and Big-East Academic All-Stars have been bestowed on our students.  These scholars have worked diligently to fracture the myth that student-athletes do not perform in the classroom at the same level as other students.  The student-athletes at the University of Connecticut have proven the opposite to be true. 

           We encourage students to follow in this rich tradition of educational success by utilizing all of the valuable resources that are available to them at the University of Connecticut.  As you know, an athletic career is temporary, but a meaningful education is forever. Student-athletes are some of the most disciplined students on any campus and we challenge our students to apply the same dedication and effort that make them superior athletes to their new challenges in the classroom.


Bruce Cohen, Director
Counseling Program for Intercollegiate Athletes

University of Connecticut            Office of The Provost            Division of Athletics