Office of Research Compliance

Message from the Vice President for Research to the University Research Community


As the Institutional Official (IO) for Storrs and the Regional campuses, I am committed to ensuring that all research involving animal and human subjects conforms with all applicable laws and regulations. These laws and regulations protect research subjects and the reputation of the research done at this institution.

I urge you to take advantage of the ORC resources that are available to assist you. This will ensure that we are all in compliance with the relevant policies and procedures and avoid potential problems.

Suman Singha

With regards,

Suman Singha
Vice President for Research


The compliance responsibilites of the Office of Research Compliance (ORC) is managed by Nancy Wallach, B.A., CIP, Director of the Office of Research Compliance; Christine Malloy, J.D., IRB Monitor and Education Coordinator, Doug Bradway, M.A., CIP, Senior IRB Coordinator and Karen Moré, B.A., Senior IACUC Coordinator.

The ORC provides support to the cognizant research compliance committees for each regulated aspect of faculty research: human subjects; animal subjects; recombinant DNA (rDNA) and potentially hazardous biological materials or toxins; financial conflicts of interest in research; faculty consulting activities and alleged research misconduct.

The professional staff of the ORC provides guidance and works with individual faculty members and graduate students to ensure compliance with state and federal regulations governing research. The ORC also offers on-line and in-person training for faculty and graduate students and provides regular office hours for scheduling hands-on assistance in protocol preparation.

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