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University of Connecticut Office of the Chief Information Officer

Announcing the new CIO Blog

Dear Colleagues,

I invite you to visit the CIO website at  The CIO Blog and website is simply a way of sharing with the UConn Community and recognizing the people that make UConn an outstanding University.  I will use this website in a variety of ways to keep people informed, to share accomplishments, to highlight excellence, to encourage debate, and to collect feedback on various topics.  This website can only be successful and useful if it serves a need, so I welcome your feedback on how we can meet your needs for sharing and collaboration.  It is also important to note that I wish to highlight people, programs, and achievements from the entire UConn community including but not limited to central IT (UITS) and decentralized IT activities on campus.  From time to time, I will invite guest blogers to write a blog of interest.

I invite you to send me your feedback so we can make adjustments and improvements that meet the needs of our audience which I define as the UConn IT community and stakeholders.

David Gilbertson, Associate VP and CIO

We’re all in IT Together

I shared this presentation with the Academic IT group in July.  I will be sharing a short version of this with the UConn Executive Leadership in the near future.  Establishing a solid Governance process that spans all IT at UConn is essential to making informed decisions about IT investments.  I am proposing a portfolio based approach that is open, collaborative, and inclusive.  I welcome your feedback.



Download “We’re all in IT Together” (pdf)

Seeking to Build Trust

I had the pleasure of working with Mike Kirk of UConn Communications this past month. Mike wanted to write about my arrival and publish it in the UConn Today.  He did an excellent job of capturing my thoughts now that I have been at UConn for nearly seven months.

When David Gilbertson began at University Information and Technology Services as UConn’s new Chief Information Officer earlier this year, he knew he had his work cut out for him.

“Over time, a number of systemic issues developed around UITS and its relationship with the wider University that needed to be addressed,” says Gilbertson, who began as associate vice president and CIO at UConn in January after a 26-year career in the military, focused on IT.

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