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Kenneth Michael Walker

Chief Audit & Compliance Officer

Kenneth Michael Walker was appointed to the position of Chief Audit & Compliance Officer for the University of Connecticut & University of Connecticut Health Center in January of 2005.

Dr. Walker is responsible for leading the newly reorganized Office of Audit, Compliance and Ethics (OACE).   Following a distinguished military career, Dr. Walker served as University Compliance Officer for Wake Forest University, including its Health Sciences subsidiary.  He holds a Ph.D. from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro.

Welcome to the Office of Audit, Compliance & Ethics (OACE).  We provide services in three distinct, yet related disciplines.

Our purpose is to support the mission of the University of Connecticut by:

  • Providing an independent, fair and objective appraisal of the effectiveness of the University’s financial accountability systems and operational performance in accordance with the priorities established by the Chief Audit and Compliance Officer and the Joint Audit and Compliance Committee.
  • Serving and safeguarding our community by recognizing risks in what we do and by managing those risks by communicating and educating our community to promote an awareness of compliance risk and the objective of our compliance activities;
  • Administering the Code of Conduct that outlines standards of behavior, focusing on honesty, integrity, respect, professionalism, and knowledge.

On our website you can meet our staff, find information about our various services in the audit, compliance and ethics areas, and browse answers to frequently asked questions. 


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