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Recognition Program for AS PLUS

The Accelerated Schools Model has been a vehicle for promoting change in schools across the nation for the past seventeen years. In light of the recent federal mandates as well as financial restructuring across the country, the AS PLUS has recently re-branded in order to enhance services offered and provide a more focused approach to support change in the teaching and learning arena. Throughout this enhancement process a need was identified in recognizing schools nationwide that are successful in utilizing the AS PLUS model.

We recognize the importance of identifying and awarding schools that have been successful in fully implementing the AS PLUS Model, and have proven to have a direct positive impact on student achievement. The Demonstration Site Award is designed to do just that.

2004-05 and 2005-06 Accelerated Schools PLUS

National Demonstration Sites

School Name







Phone #

Ben Martin Accelerated Learning Academy

Fayetteville , NC

Vicki Smith

Heather Coughlin

(910) 864-4843

Columbus Park Preparatory Academy

Worcester , MA

Dr. Dolores Gribouski

Donna Mastrovito

(508) 799-3490

West Smithfield Elementary

Smithfield, NC

Todd Holmes

Mrs. A. Koebley

(919) 989-6418

Affiliated Alternatives
Madison, WI
Anne Fischer
Erik Shager
(608) 663-1634

Sheppard Accelerated Elementary School &

Roseland Accelerated Middle School

Santa Rosa, CA

Mrs. Meechan

Mrs. Jones-Kerr

Laurie Biggers

(707) 546-7050

(707) 546-7050

Ben Martin Accelerated Learning Academy

"We have just completed our sixth year as an Accelerated School. We have seen many success from our accelerated journey over the past six years - increased test scores, powerful learning in classrooms, increased volunteer hours, decrease in discipline referrals, and increased attendance rates. We have much to celebrate!
    Even though we have shown growth, our challenge is to continue to make improvements. As we begin year seven as an Accelerated School, it is time to analyze our data and set new priorities.  ..."

Columbus Park Preparatory Academy

"The mission of Columbus Park Preparatory Academy is to create an atmosphere of learning and trust in our school that will  foster excellence in each individual student. 
The heart of our mission is the commitment to educate all students to become self-achievers and responsible, productive members of society. This mission is a collaborative endeavor of school, family and community. "

West Smithfield Elementary

“The competition was fierce and normally schools that are selected have worked with us for eight years or more. It is remarkable for a school to achieve this recognition in only three years,” said Accelerated Schools CEO, Gene Chasin . West Smithfield serves a diverse population with 33% of its students having a primary language other than English. During this time, West Smithfield Elementary has realized significant achievement gains, readily meeting AYP with more than 20 sub-groups (a No Child Left Behind standard of performance). News from THE HERALD

Affiliated Alternatives

"We are an equitable learning community comprised of four Alternative Programs: Alternative Education Resource Options (AERO), The Cluster Program, The School Age Parent Program (SAPAR), The Work and Learn Center (WLC). We value and strive for the knowledge, skills and attitudes that make it possible for all students to be successful members of families and society. The Affiliated Alternative programs provide an engaging, small school setting. We offer a new beginning for our students and unique learning opportunities designed to ensure success within our diverse world...."

Sheppard Accelerated Elementary School & Roseland Accelerated Middle School

"...At Sheppard/RAMS school, we ask that students Be Safe, Be Responsible and Be Respectful. As a community, we are also committed to Conflict Management and Lifeskills programs. Each month we gather as a school community to celebrate the children's achievements at Student of the Month Assemblies. RAMS celebrates once a trimester at the RAMS Awards Assembly recognizing students that have demonstrated academic excellence and their “personal best”. This reflects our belief in the importance of recognizing children for their hard work. ..."

School and Classroom Footage

Below are examples of an AS PLUS Kindergarten classroom and Affiliated Alternatives.


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